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Begin your adventure on a chilling journey through the prehistoric landscape of the ice age world.
Take on massive wooly mammoths, dangerously skillful sabre-tooth tigers, wild boars and a special creature so dangerous it will kill anything that moves!

This is a journey like no other. Utilize your full cache of weapons and equipment as you commence your icy hunt, keep a steady aim and a cool head - your very life depends on it!

Carnivores: Ice Age
  • Enter a world filled with 9 mammoth prehistoric dinosaurs
  • Trudge through the 5 eerily realistic 3D maps, including a dense jungle, vast swamps, open deserts and more
  • Equip yourself with a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle or 3 other weapons
  • Quench your thirst for a victorious kill with the help of the state-of-the-art hunting equipment
  • Alter your plan of attack as the dinosaurs follow and learn your movements
  • Experience the elements of a truly realistic world including fog, a hot beating sun and the dangers of the night
  • Immerse yourself in an exquisitely detailed world filled with 3D graphics, real-time lighting and translucent water effects
  • Rush for your weapon, or your life, as you take on these beasts in the blackness of night
  • Ingenious survival skills may take you to engaging hidden areas for more dinosaur stalking action
  • Feel a chill run down your spine as you hear the eerie shrill of a distant, but ever-present dinosaur
  • Danger is always a second away, so prepare to crouch and take cover to avoid the charging velociraptor

Minimum System Requirements:

Recommended System Requirements:

To unpack the game files, download the freeware archive software, 7-Zip

Windows x86_x64 Binaries

Full Game: Primary Mirror | Secondary Mirror

Windows x64 Binaries

There are no x64 binaries.

Wild Boar
Dire Wolf
Woolly Rhinoceros
Giant Deer
Woolly Mammoth
Cave Bear

Pistol 9mm
Shotgun Pump Action
Shotgun Double Barrel
Rifle 7.62mm
Snipers Rifle 7.62mm

McRath Island
Raveren's Bridge
Ring of Infernus
Dry Nodus Lake
The Giant's Boot