New features in Carnivores 2/ Ice Age for Android

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New features in Carnivores 2/ Ice Age for Android

Postby Tormer » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:40 am

Hi Carnivores Community! :)
I am astonished with the New features added in Carnivores games for Android.
Specially the graphics! They are cool :D
The water with reflexs, the New Skies and the New nighttime Hunt make the game very interesting!

The Point is:

_Could those New features be added to Carnivores 2/ Ice Age for PC computer?
_Anyone know if it is possible to do or add in Carnivores for PC?

I Wonder if there is some genius that could make those changes for Carnivores PC game :lol:
If there is so, we would have a better looking and more realistic Carnivores game with the future New Mods that would be released then.
What do you think, guys? :roll:
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