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Map Template for AEII

Postby glitchhunter09 » Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:57 pm

So I decided to make a simple map for people to use as a base for their own maps. It's very bare bones and only includes three textures, sky textures for each sky, a starting point, and a skymap. Basically, only the very basic things modders need to get started making their map in AEII. of course, you'll still need to make a heightmap, add objects, and sounds, but overall, this should help newbies with making their own maps with a solid starting point that isn't a vanilla map (which means you won't have to deal with removing those nasty restricted areas by hand as AEII has no way to remove them via selection tool.)

As for the map itself, it's just a basic flat plain. I left it like this so that modders could export it and have a blank canvas to work with if they wanted. As for the textures, I just randomly selected three because I figured people would override them anyway. only one is placed on the map though (the sand texture because it makes a decent underwater ground texture. The others are a grass texture (C1 Basmachee style), and a water texture (CIA water). The only reasoning for adding a texture to the map was to prevent possible crashes if someone tried to load the map ingame without editing it. I've never tried loading without ground textures so I don't know if it would crash the game or not. I know lack of sky textures doesn't but I included sky textures because I knew people struggle with adding them sometimes.

Anyway, hope this helps you guys.
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