Carnivores Genesis- Map Object Requests

New 3DF objects for maps.

Carnivores Genesis- Map Object Requests

Postby Ophie 2.0 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:02 am

Alright, so I've mostly finished every map in Carnivores Genesis- except for Forgotten Forest. I don't know if anyone still around would like to do this, but I have a few requests for a few objects for the final touches on some of the maps.

1. An oval like structure for Ruins of Vataar. I used an object from Poharex's "Mata Nui" map as a placeholder, but I think it's time I change it. Something like this:

2. Jungle and Marshy trees- a medium and a large version for both, preferably.

3. A "tree-like organism"- Just a very alien like tree, I assume. Very large, I'd assume as well. You may want to contact Saurian if you want to know what his intentions were for them in Forgotten Forest.

That's about it. Thanks to anyone who takes this into consideration!
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